The Transfer

One of the most anxiety ridden moments in all glassblowing comes when it's time to transfer the piece from the blowpipe to the punty.  While the assistant prepares the punty, the gaffer chills the neckline by rolling and necking the piece at the same time.  The punty is brought over and stuck-up by the gaffer using the tweezers to guide it on centre.  It is important that the assistant remains loose - just barely supporting the weight of the punty and keeping it evenly balanced.  The piece is given a few full revolutions down the bench and back to check and centre the punty's position.

Once the punty shows signs of stiffening up, the gaffer dunks their whole hand in the water with the tweezers and carefully applies a good drop of water on the neckline.  The gaffer stands up.  They lift the pipe off the rails of the bench and "bonk" the pipe next to the moile with the back of the tweezers causing the piece to break free of the pipe.


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