Joe Blow Glassworks

Joe Blow Glassworks is a 2700 square foot glass blowing facility, located in the east side warehouse district of Vancouver, British Columbia. The studio's state of the art equipment includes 2 glory holes and a 300 lb glass melting furnace built by Marc Gibeau of Calgary, Alberta, as well as 3 annealers which were built in house.  Joe Blow Glassworks also houses a cold shop, metal shop and gallery.

Joe Blow Glassworks is the realization of a dream for Jeff Burnette. When he first arrived at the space that would soon be his studio, there was nothing but a whole bunch of debris and really oily floors. (The studios location was formerly a machine shop.) Everything in the studio, aside from the foundation walls, was built from scratch.

Jeff Burnette also has a secondary hobby in psychic and tarot reading. His love for creativity, the unknown and the skill and technique required to be an expert tarot and psychic reader means the shift from glass blowing to this wasn't as unusual as first assumed. To get an idea of Jeffs skills in psychic and tarot feel free to check out psychic reading online

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